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4 Temmuz 2019

Dear Friends of Poetry

Dear Friends of Poetry;

I feel like am on the top of the world owing to my new book’s publication in Mongolia. Poetry is the voice of the humanity’s soul, and if we give an ear to it, then we could enjoy more peaceful and freer world. Following Germany, Serbia, and Italy, my 9th book called “Hope” hit the shelves. It met with its poetry lovers in the languages of Mongolian, Turkish and English. I am as high as a kite.

There are some continents and lands which make us friends, brothers, and of the same kin. As a tree bursts into bud and then grows, and a creek rises from its source to turn into a high water river, similarly every society would be born on its land, would take root and grow to a point that it could not be contained in its geography.

We had been born on these lands like ears of wheat, and on a nawroz morning, we bloomed and took root in Anatolia.

O my ancestral land, O lovely Mongolia!

In our memories, clip clops of our horses are still being accompanied by our emotional ballads on those vast steppes,

These in fact were the inner voice and power of my feelings led to my motivation to write this book.

Through the lines of my poems, the sentiments of the two deep-rooted culture will meet again. The stories will be told by the Orkhon Inscription and at Otuken.

My heartfelt thanks go to the people who contributed to the publication of this book through their translation and invaluable efforts, primarily to Jenny Lkhagvasuren, a poet and translator who translated my poems into Mongolian; to my esteemed poet and translator friend Mesut Şenol who did the English translation; Saygın Şenel and Serdar Şeneo, executives of Bestimage Advertisement Agency, who did the cover page design; and to Ahmet Köse and Erbay Şirin, who provided communications and other services in Mongolia.

Additionally, I feel obliged to esteemed Enver Yücel, BAU Global President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bahçeşehir University, who kindly wrote an introduction about my poetry and book; and to Oyun.S., a poet and writer,  Mongolian Sate Recognized Cultural Expert who composed wonderful comments.

Hoping that this poetry book of mine, bearing also the name of “Hope” would continue its intercontinental journey and be appreciated by poetry lovers…



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